• Yes5:00
  • Real Good Hands4:51
  • When I Get My Hands On You3:10

Package # 3

Option A: 1 - 4 Grooms Men

Option B: 5 - 9 Grooms Men

​Option C: 10+ Grooms Men 

Package # 1

Option A: Groom Only

Option B: Groom and Father of Groom 

Option C: Groom, Father of Groom & Father of Bridee

Wedding Day Packages

Extraordinary Haircut on your big day! Imagine having your very own Master Barber on your big day. Haircuts are provided for the groom, father of groom/ father of bride, and even all the groomsmen!

Package # 2

Option A: Father of Groom

Option B: Father of the Bride

​Option C: Father of Groom and Father of Bride